Agricultural sector

Feeding a growing population is a global challenge that will inevitably worsen in the coming decades.

As the demand for food increases, our precious water resources will be threatened, and improving the efficiency of agriculture is essential to secure the future of the Earth and humanity.

Aliaxis offers a wide range of solutions to achieve this goal, with quality systems that allow farmers to efficiently irrigate crops and circulate water for irrigation systems.

To better support entrepreneurs and farms worldwide, we study their needs, then design and install customized systems. Aliaxis is committed to continually refining its solutions for the agricultural sector and working closely with customers and partners to develop future innovations.

Irrigation crop production

For efficient water management, we offer a wide range of systems based on modern irrigation techniques and suitable for most crops.

Water scarcity and global population growth are two macro-trends that require the agricultural sector to maximise the efficiency of irrigation techniques, not only today but also in the future: wise water management will be a top priority throughout the 21st century.

Correct and accurate dosage

Irrigation can be considered optimal if it is possible to balance the correct distribution of the amount of water needed with limiting costs and energy consumption. By using state-of-the-art irrigation systems, it is possible to improve water quality while conserving this precious resource and thus the environment.

Control elements, i.e. valves and fittings, are needed to precisely control irrigation. Sprinklers (drip or sprinkler systems) are an essential component of irrigation systems, and Aliaxis offers a wide range of branches, elbows and bends in addition to these solutions to create pipe networks suitable for any type of plant, regardless of the area.

Watering system for animals

We offer solutions that allow you to better control the flow of water. Through the appropriate use of valves and fittings, we contribute to the better transport, treatment and use of water in the agricultural sector, ensuring adequate hydration of animals without sacrificing sustainability.

Daily water resources management

Keeping animals hydrated with a constant supply of water is essential for the success of the farm. That's why we've developed solutions that can quickly and easily increase the flow of water to drinking troughs.

Farmers are constantly looking for new ways to water their animals, and our products make it easy to create systems that can improve their water supply. Our valves can increase the flow rate to fill troughs faster, protecting animal health.

The selection and use of the right water supply network and valves will contribute to a faster flow from the main supply line to the watering trough. The innovative features of the appropriate valves, specifically designed to reduce water wastage, are the main advantage of our products.

Our products for agricultural systems

Monitoring the quality and flow of water is vital for preserving one of the planet's most precious natural resources, while significantly reducing costs. Aliaxis offers a range of high-quality, durable solutions for the transport, treatment and use of water.

Compression nozzles are perfect for irrigation networks. Their solid construction provides high mechanical strength and outstanding corrosion resistance, with the added advantage of being much easier and faster to install than metal threaded fittings. This system is specifically designed to optimise performance and simplify connection techniques.

PVC-A systems

The new polymer alloy PVC additives (PVC-A) combine the resistance of PVC-U with the flexibility of polyethylene to create a product that is highly resistant to crack propagation, a major cause of breakage during installation and installation operations.

The LARETER PVC-A pipe and fitting system is designed to provide the best performance for the specific application of transporting water and pressurized liquids. Thus, this new system is capable of excellent performance in all areas of agriculture.

PE systems

The Aliaxis range also includes compression fittings for mechanical connection of polyethylene (PE) pipes - the most popular alternative to irrigation technologies due to their extreme ease of use, requiring no external energy sources. Our compression fittings are suitable for the connection of PE pipes used in secondary piping, pump fittings and filtration equipment, as well as for connecting control valves to pipe networks.

Filtering system

The Filtmaster system used for water filtration ensures very high performance. Easy to install and clean, its versatile modular design with filtration capacity features make it suitable for any type of water.


The new Aliaxis range guarantees toughness and durability. The combination of PVC plastic and additives has created a new advanced polymer alloy that can meet the needs of the water industry.

Montaż systemu elektrooporowego marki Friatec


Our polyethylene (PE) range is ideal for building pipe systems for a wide variety of applications. These solutions offer excellent performance at operating temperatures up to 60°C.