Health and safety week
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Around the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we organised a Health and Safety Week at Aliaxis sites around the world from 24-28 April 2022. The promotion of a health-conscious lifestyle and the awareness of occupational health and safety rules and regulations, focusing on local specialities, were presented to our employees through a wide variety of tools, methods and events.

At our Biatorbágy site, our office workers were also able to learn about the safety challenges of warehouse work and the systemic and individual responses to them through an accident simulation. Our enthusiastic colleagues were also able to tackle the dangers of screen-based work in a theoretical way and through a fun 10 minutes of exercise together.

Our warehouse team had the chance to prove their skills in a forklift competition, moving coins, eggs and special boxes with seemingly clumsy loading machines with ease.

During the day, our teams were able to test their safe working skills.  The main topics of interest were screen work, personal protective equipment, warehouse work and ergonomics.

To achieve a safer future, we are working and encouraging our partners to work together to create a safer and better world, whether in the workplace or in everyday life.


The Aliaxis Hungary SEE Kft. team