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PVC-C systems are robust, stable and guarantee optimal mechanical properties in use. The use of Corzan™, obtained by post-chlorination of homopolymer PVC, guarantees high chemical resistance. The material is particularly resistant to strong inorganic acids, alkalis and alkaline solutions. 

The PVC-C product range ensures that our systems are suitable for the transport of treated and untreated water, demineralised water and medicinal water for spa and kinesitherapeutic purposes over a wide temperature range. The range also provides high fire resistance, making it safe for use in a wide range of applications. 

Our PVC-C (post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) TemperFIP100 system is ideal for transporting industrial fluids under pressure and offers excellent performance at operating temperatures up to 100°C. It has a very good resistance to most acid, alkali and chlorine compounds, allowing a wide range of applications. 

Excellent material quality

The PVC-C material provides optimum mechanical resistance, good rigidity, stability and safety in use. Aliaxis offers a complete range of PVC-C pipes and fittings for bonding (up to size range d16-d160) or with threaded ends: 

● Ball valves

● Butterfly valves

● Diaphragm valves

● Non-return valves

● Mesh filters, bonded pipes and fittings

Easy assembly

Thanks to the products' enclosed design, assembly is quick, accurate and easy when using the right adhesive. 

Our PVC-C pipe system has been used in plants all over the world. Ideal for applications where aggressive liquids are present. The solution provides long plant life and a quick and easy installation process. Like all our solutions, the PVC-C range of systems offers durable, high quality connections.

Projektowanie systemu kanalizacyjnego w koncernie Aliaxis

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