Carefree with one scan

The new FRIALEN barcode label makes documentation and traceability easier

With the new FRIALEN barcode label, Aliaxis Germany is taking the next step in digitization. The new 2D barcode will soon complement the existing 1D barcodes on all FRIALEN safety fittings. Aliaxis thus meets the new requirements of ISO 12176-5 and offers its customers great advantages: A lot of important data can be quickly and securely read in via scanner or app, in addition to welding data, for example, further information on the product, the manufacturer or traceability.

One scan is enough to get all the important information. A separate, individual recording of the 1D barcodes is no longer necessary. This saves a lot of time and makes work easier on the construction site.

It is conveniently read in via the 2D scanner on the FRIAMAT or via the FRIAMAT app for the smartphone. The FRIAMAT app also makes it possible to automatically link the welding and tracing data with geodata as well as photos and other information. In this way, the customer benefits from even better pipesystem documentation.

All current requirements for security and easy usability of the data are met. The extended product information is encrypted in 2D code and can be used for further processing in other systems of our customers when recorded with FRIAMAT and FRIAMAT APP. A digital advantage that ensures more efficient work.

The successive introduction of the 2D barcode on the welding barcode labels began with the FRIALEN products.

Documentation made easy

With the FRIAMAT 7 prime and FRIAMAT prime eco you can document all relevant information quickly and easily. Whether welding, traceability or GPS data. Other data on the construction site can also be recorded and saved.

With the new, optional 1D / 2D barcode scanner, the FRIAMAT is now ready to also read 2D barcodes according to ISO 12176-5. With just one scan (one scan fuse), you can capture all information required for fusion including traceability data and extended product information.

We have digitised fusion for you

It has never been easier to document fusion process data and other relevant information. Using the new Bluetooth interface, you pair the FRIAMAT prime with the FRIAMAT app on your smartphone. You can then simply read in fusion and traceability barcodes or control the fusion process easily and comfortably.

FRIAMAT app – everything under control!

Turn your smartphone into the control centre for everything to do with fusion. Simply connect your FRIAMAT prime unit to the FRIAMAT app via Bluetooth. You can then control the fusion process with your cell phone. The fusion process data is transferred automatically to the app. You can enter barcodes using the integrated barcode scanner.

Additional information such as traceability or GPS data can also be stored and managed. Add photos or comments? No problem any more. The documentation of your work results is easier than ever before. One e-mail suffices to send all data from the building site to the office.

We make your job easier

The FRIAMAT app is available free of charge for iOS and Android. It comes in several languages. No registration is required so that you can start immediately.

  • Control the FRIAMAT prime fusion process comfortably
  • Scan barcodes and display all information
  • Enter process data and add geodata, photos and comments
  • Mail and comprehensively document work results