Our approach

Climate change and a growing population are making it increasingly difficult to supply high quality water. Solutions used in this type of investment need to be developed to be sustainable, which often involves the need to design them individually to meet project-specific requirements.


Durable, high-quality water supply piping systems

Aliaxis provides durable piping systems that benefit from a quick and easy installation process and consistent performance. We offer cost-effective solutions for water transmission, control and application, including market-leading pipes and fittings.

International and local expertise


We have been involved in many complex water distribution projects, providing people around the world with a clean and reliable supply of water. We develop customised solutions at our sites and coordinate their installation on site. This minimises downtime in water transfers and ensures fast and safe installation, even in the most challenging conditions.

Aliaxis provides comprehensive support throughout the project. We offer specification advice, provide training packages and provide on-site installation guidance. Customers work with Aliaxis because they know we provide the right water piping solution, no matter how complex the project may be.


Our plastic piping systems offer greater flexibility and reliability than traditional metal systems, as they are lighter, corrosion resistant and therefore more cost effective. They offer a long service life and require little maintenance.


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Water networks

Water pipelines must be designed to meet the demands of a growing population. Aliaxis offers products that perform well on even the most complex projects of this type.

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PE Connectors

Ensuring the safety of the public and protecting the environment means providing gas and water pipelines that are robust and safe. In this regard, Aliaxis offers a wide range of fittings for polyethylene (PE) pipe networks that ensure the highest tightness of connections.

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Pipe couplings and repair ties

We offer solutions from the world leader in pipe fittings and repair products, providing complete pipe joining applications