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Worry-free solutions

FIP actuated valves comply with current regulations and are calibrated and tested one by one according to the company's principles and know-how to ensure maximum reliability and quality at all times. A wide range of accessories makes it possible to find the ideal solution to handle all plant operation in absolute safety. Multiple options of supply voltage, operating times, intrinsic protection classes and the possibility of requesting special versions make it possible to meet every specific plant management requirement.


Flow interception activities can be optimized through the implementation of valves installed on the recirculation circuit.

With plant automation, physical intervention is no longer necessary and it becomes possible to plan any operation at any time of the day or year.

This implementation, combined with the use of monitoring instrumentation, makes it possible to associate actions with specific parameters and remotely control the management of the entire plant.
Electric actuation is the most commonly used solution, but, for larger plants or for specific needs, pneumatically actuated solutions are also available, which are particularly appreciated in filter backwashing systems due to their operational speed.


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