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Design innovativo

The refined design with clean lines blends perfectly into any environment.

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Freedom of movement

Linear solutions such as floor-level shower gutters 50 and point solutions such as siphoned manholes avoid the installation of a shower tray while still providing effective water disposal, thus solving mobility problems and making the shower area fully accessible to all.

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The stainless steel floor grating does not warp, increases walking space and provides high drainage of the shower area with a drainage flow rate of up to 48 l/min


Floor shower drain

Choosing a floor-mounted shower drain leads to great freedom of movement and avoids the need for a shower tray. Nicoll's EN 274-compliant Nicoll-branded solutions offer a wide choice of floor-level, modular solutions with design finishes that are ideal to fit every style and environment.

Installation is simplified and fast thanks to the channeling kit equipped with a high-performance siphon, double-height spacers to adapt to the thickness of the flooring, and fully height-adjustable supports that allow for modifications even after they have been fixed.

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