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The corrosion inertness offered by FIP-branded polyvinyl systems allows water flows to be managed safely and without maintenance schedules.

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High energy efficiency

The high surface finish of PVC-U and PVC-C piping combined with the optimized fluodynamics of the connection elements allows for minimized pressure drop in favor of low energy consumption.

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Ease of installation

The convenience of chemical welding offers a unique advantage in installation as it does not require specific, expensive and heavy tools for assembly.

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High chemical resistance

Polyvinyl chlorides offer remarkable chlorine stability and a barrier to the proliferation of legionella bacteria.


Pool water

Safe and effective water conveyance is critical to the proper operation of the pool. In accordance with UNI 10637:2016, a proper recirculation system must be designed to ensure effective homogenization of pool water and requires that the piping of type A and B pools (public pools) be sized to have pressure drops <40 mm/m for suction sections and <70mm/m for discharge sections.

These specifications can also be applied in the case of Type C and D pools (curative and private pools) to ensure high water quality and hygiene. With the PVC-U piping and fitting system, proper handling of chlorinated water at room temperature can be ensured.


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