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Complete and versatile proposal for every level and size of plant. Instrumentation that can be integrated with external devices for dosage management according to UNI. Biparametric monitors to combine chemical measurement with flow measurement.


Swimming pool water contains pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms that are risky to human health, and therefore needs balanced chemical treatment to minimize microbiological risk. The standard UNI 10637:2016, provides some specific requirements regarding measurement and regulation of disinfection treatments for classes A, B and C (facilities for collective use), while UNI EN 10713 indicates requirements for class D (facilities for private use). Disinfection treatment is carried out through the metering of substances, regulated on a regional basis.

Equipment intended for pH measurement and regulation (type A, B, C range 4.5-8.5pH; type D range 6.8-7.6pH) must have an output signal to drive the dosing systems, and for type A pools, proportional regulation is preferred.

Disinfection treatments

FIP M9.00 series monitors combined with 200 series pH electrodes are the ideal solution to meet these needs. RedOx potential measurement equipment can be used in D-type pools for the purpose of monitoring the evolution of organic pollution in the pool water and to drive disinfectant dosing equipment (RedOx >650mV). M9.00 series FIP monitors combined with 200 series ORP sensors provide an optimal compromise between simplicity and reliability. Class A, B, and C, on the other hand, require systems to read free chlorine values (Cl2 range 0.6-5mg/I). CLF6 series sensors, which can be combined with pH measuring instruments in case of significant variations, fully comply with this requirement. For more modern plants that use Chlorine Dioxide for chlorination, even with in situ production systems, FIP also offers the CLD6 series amperometric sensor range, dedicated to the direct measurement of this parameter.


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