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The invisible grid is designed to be fully integrated within the paving material, remaining completely out of sight.

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The 130 non-slip grating is designed to be combined with the 130-series channels, providing maximum safety around the pool edge.

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Easy to install

The grid fits any floor thickness. No cutting or fitting is necessary. Flooring tiles or tiles, are laid directly on the grid.

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Easy to install

Series 130 cable trays are self-supporting for ease of installation, have modular interlocking and the ability to glue the elements together to ensure a greater hydraulic seal. They are also prepared for fixing the cover

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Safe bare feet

The 8-mm slot is fully compatible to the barefoot. An ideal solution for swimming pools and terraces

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Durable for long life

PVC characteristics and construction design give this product excellent resistance to weathering, aging, and ensuring dimensional stability over time.


By using the pool, water pool stagnation can form all around the pool, which can become treacherous for those who enjoy bare feet during a day of bathing. Therefore, it is recommended that drainage channeling be provided to promote collection and conveyance below the paved surface around the pool. REDI's invisible grating provides a patented aesthetically non-invasive solution so as not to compromise the harmony of the design. The ability to freely create inspection areas also makes it an optimal answer from a functional point of view.

It is therefore a must to provide a properly sized drainage channel that effectively collects and conveys excess water around the tank.

The REDI-branded 130 non-slip grating, combined with a wide range of channels, provides a safe and flexible solution, further enhanced by special non-slip rubber inserts.
The modular range of channels in different heights allows for appropriate sizing according to the size of the tank and the volume to be conveyed, and, the availability of special figures, including angles and headers, allows for adaptation to any project configuration.


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