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Make your facility unique.

The Easyfit labeling system allows valves to be customized with company trademarks, serial or identification codes, or with service data such as the function of the valve within the system or the fluid conveyed; specific information for after-sales service to customers, such as the installer's contact information or the date and place of installation, can also be entered.

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Quick and easy with all-in-one valves.

Thanks to the multifunctional ergonomic handles of the Easyfit line, installation is safe and quick even in tight spaces, inspection of the valve body and adjustment of the seals is accomplished without the use of tools, and quick maneuvers and graduated adjustments are possible.



During normal pool operation, it may become necessary to block or partialize water flow within the recirculation circuit.
To do this effectively and immediately, FIP offers ideal solutions by offering butterfly valves, ball valves and check valves from the patented Easyfit series.

Pre-filtration phase

In the pre-filtration stage, water may include the presence of suspended solids therefore the ideal solution is the FE Easyfit series butterfly valve.

Post-filtration phase

For clean water flow, the VEE Easyfit series ball valve is the most versatile and quickest solution to install.

Auxiliary functions

To counteract flow reversal or the risk of inadvertent emptying of pipelines, the SSE Easyfit series check valve, available in both PVC-U and PVC-C, provides the optimal solution


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