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Insertion sensors are quickly installed by drilling a simple hole in the pipeline, while pressure and level sensors have numerous installation options that make installation equally convenient and fast.
The adoption of Bluetooth wireless technology also makes it easy and straightforward to connect sensors to monitors. The FIP-branded instrumentation also features an intuitive and error-proof interface thanks to convenient onboard help, guided setting procedures and system self-diagnostics.


Proper management of the water system at the base of the pool system passes through volume monitoring. In the case of volumes conveyed within pipes we will go to monitor the flow rate, in the case of the volume accumulated in the compensation tank we will go to measure the level value.

Flow Monitoring

The recirculation system must be designed to ensure effective homogenization of pool water, so UNI 10637:2016 prescribes to adhere to water velocities in the pipeline <1.7m/s in suction and <2.5 m/s in discharge; while UNI EN 10713-2 prescribes a velocity <3m/s for type D pools. In the section of the plant prior to the filtration stage, it is recommended to use a flow meter based on F6.60 series electromagnetic technology. In the part of the plant downstream of the filtration phase, on the other hand, it is possible to install a rotor sensor equipped with the new Bluetooth wireless technology of the F3.00.W series that can be combined with the M9.00 series monitor equipped with the handy Help on Board, guided calibration procedure and system self-diagnostics.

Level Monitoring

The conventional volume of the make-up tank must be sufficient to contain the displaced volume and any wave motion generated by the maximum number of swimmers, the volume generated by backwashing at least one filter, and the volume necessary to maintain proper suction and avoid dry running. Make-up tank replenishment must be activated before the minimum level is reached to avoid stand-by of the pumps, so the importance of accurately monitoring the water volume is evident. A HF6 series hydrostatic level sensor that can be combined with the M9.10. series monitors can be applied to monitor the volume inside the make-up tank. The same transmitter can also be installed on the sand filter to check its efficiency level and plan backwashing operations.


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