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Homes equipped with energy-saving systems, built by integrating new technologies, achieve a high energy class, consequently increasing the value of the property. Compact solutions that are quick to install to contain space and installation time, modular and scalable to facilitate design aspects. Low costs, both purchase and installation, allow a rapid amortization of the investment.
Saving potable water, reducing consumption and high efficiency, allow an optimization of the energy balance of the system, also with a view to sustainable building.


Energy conservation and sustainable resource management

With each shower, 100 liters of water at 36° C are discharged into the sewer, which is an unsustainable expenditure of energy and resources. Recovery of waste heat at the drain can halve the heat consumption required for domestic water heating, while recovery and subsequent reuse of 100 liters of water contributes to responsible use of resources as well as significantly reducing consumption.

Grey water recovery

It is the graywater recovery system for irrigation or domestic use, pre-assembled and ready to be connected in minimal time during installation at the construction site. Thanks to the use of high-efficiency membranes, the level of filtration is very high and allows the removal of bacteria and viruses; in addition, the new-generation filters maintain their high performance over time, lengthening maintenance intervals.
In fact, only one chemical flushing of the membrane every 12 to 18 months can be provided, and the automatic backwash cycle to keep the membranes clean sends the residues directly to the sewer.
The system, which can be sized according to the number of users, is fully automatic and can be controlled remotely.

Purification stages

  • Primary filter+oxidation+ultrafiltration
  • Storage
  • Multistage filter+activated carbon
  • UV disinfection

Ecoshower is the innovative solution that recovers up to 40 percent of heat from graywater and releases it, flowing countercurrently in a coil, by integrating the supply water of both the boiler and the mixer (A) or the mixer alone (B). The water feeding the boiler, instantaneous water heater or mixer from the "cold" side typically reaches 10° C and is heated up to 50° C, generating a consumption of about 40Kcal/l. With the integration of ecoshower within the system, incoming water is preheated to around 24° C, reducing energy demand by 35 percent.

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