Our solutions

Plumbing systems in public buildings must be safe, durable and provide consistent performance.


We offer proven pipe system solutions for the most diverse and complex applications, from low-noise sewer systems to safe and efficient drainage systems for large areas such as car parks or roofs.


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Vacuum roof drainage

Efficient and sustainable rainwater management is a major challenge for facilities with large flat roofs, such as distribution centres. Vacuum drainage systems quickly and efficiently remove water from roofs by creating suction pressure in the system.

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Gravity roof drainage

Our systems are designed to provide a complete solution for any roof drainage project. They drain rainwater safely and efficiently with integrated systems that can be adapted to the most complex projects.

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Low-noise sewerage system

Acoustic systems are needed in a wide variety of buildings to ensure the comfort of those who occupy them. At Aliaxis, we have developed a range of solutions to ensure peace and quiet, both on residential estates and in non-residential buildings.

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Internal sewage system

Safe and reliable internal drainage systems provide the necessary environmental protection and guarantee high hygienic comfort in the building. Aliaxis offers a full range of durable and proven solutions to meet this challenge.

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Surface drainage

We are passionate about creating sustainable, innovative solutions for water and energy supply. We supply people around the world with advanced plastic piping systems, driving our business to stay ahead of our customers' rapidly growing needs.

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Drainage and retention system

The world is facing increasingly extreme weather conditions and thus the challenge to manage rainwater more efficiently is growing. Aliaxis offers solutions that allow rainwater to be stored and then slowly released and put back into the water cycle in a responsible way.