Our approach

Water and wastewater treatment plays a key role in managing and protecting our most important natural asset.

The requirements for the pipelines that are used in this area are complex and varied. Aliaxis offers a wide range of solutions ideally suited to achieving high water quality.

High level of expertise from the design phase

Our systems are fully tested to ensure the safety of the pipelines, and our customers value the expertise we have developed globally, which has earned their trust in the solutions and services we offer.

We support our customers throughout the project

We work with companies that design and build water treatment plants, helping them to select and install the right solutions, and offer local technical support throughout the project.

We also work with water treatment plant owners and contractors serving industrial facilities to provide them with efficient, high-quality piping systems. Our solutions help reduce the total cost of operation and ensure consistent plant performance.


Zainstalowane produkty FIP wykonane z PVC-U


PVC-U systems are the ideal product range for industrial fluid distribution. They provide excellent performance at operating temperatures up to 60°C.

Zainstalowane produkty FIP wykonane z PVC-C


PVC-C systems are robust, stable and guarantee optimum mechanical resistance during use. The use of Corzan™, which is obtained by chlorinating a homopolymer PVC, guarantees high chemical resistance.

Zainstalowane produkty FIP wykonane z PP-H


PP-H plastic is widely used in the construction of industrial process lines as it is highly resistant to chemicals. These systems operate over a wide temperature range, making them suitable for handling hot, aggressive liquids.

Zainstalowane produkty marki FIP wykonane z PVDF


The PVDF material offers outstanding mechanical, physical and chemical resistance. It is characterised by stable performance during transport of industrial liquids in the temperature range from -40°C to +140°C.

Montaż systemu elektrooporowego marki Friatec


Our range of polyethylene (PE) products are ideal for building piping systems for a wide range of applications. These solutions provide excellent performance at operating temperatures up to 60°C.

Rotametry pomiarowe dla sieci przemysłowych marki FIP

Rotameters and flow meters

Measuring and control instruments are essential in a wide range of applications where it is important to ensure adequate flow rates of liquids and gases in pipeline systems.

Automatic fittings

All valves, two or three-way, in the Aliaxis range can be driven by electric or pneumatic actuators, meeting the requirements of the automation and flow control market.


The new Aliaxis product range guarantees toughness and durability. The combination of PVC plastic and additives has created a new advanced polymer alloy that can meet the needs of the water industry.